20 May 2009

I'm no St. Therese

Sometimes you measure the success of a day by what did not happen.  

  • the refrigerator was no longer pouring water and ice all over the kitchen floor
  • I did not burn down the kitchen when I forgot I'd left the tea kettle on and the water had all boiled off
  • I did not get electrocuted when the microwave shorted out
Now, St. Therese would probably give thanks for all this, or at the very least have prayerfully offered up any frustrations she might have had.    But I'm sitting here engaging in stress-eating a plate of cookies.  And not even virtuous, home made cookies; I'm eating Newman-O's.  (Yum!)     So, in the  unlikely event there was ever any doubt, let the record show: I'm no St. Therese.

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